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  Clara Hobbs ff0903d7df Added SBU connector 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 5847843458 Set up for PD Buddy Dev development 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs f5361622ee Use USB connector footprints from KiCad library 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 2e853ba51c Re-routed a trace 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 7fd356e21a Moved some traces to the front layer 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 62cb34e30e Moved PD Buddy Sink v1.0 text 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs a4f5c2bd79 Improved current carrying capacity 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs e223f86883 Added some VBUS vias near Q2 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs a916c1e0f6 Changed Q2 and D1 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 8034d9bd52 Removed an unused MOSFET symbol 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 75ab7ad6fc Removed unused NOPASTE footprints 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 0c064a9226 Changed SW1 and P1 footprints 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 6282de7aa8 Made mounting holes have solid connection to zones 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs c1882e083d Make all schematic sheets US Letter size 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs b52821d9e1 Changed Q1 to MMBT3904 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 9996cbf518 Changed via dimensions 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 0a0a0cdc65 Removed old AP2204 symbols 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 9d35caf5db Updated schematic with official AP2204R-3.3 symbol 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 3076e7d2e8 Moved a few reference designators 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 8481679df4 Removed copper from between SW1 pins 2 and 3 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs c1216fe900 Use PTS810 pushbutton switch for SW2 1 year ago
  Clara Hobbs 26ab7d5a79 Shrunk programming jig outline 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 47535b74b8 Added oval drills to Edge.Cuts layer 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 2b61e623ca Use USB connector from Connectors_USB.pretty 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 89987c9b94 Use power symbols in programming jig schematic 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 9ba884d643 Remove VBUS from pd-buddy library 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 74db64a6d1 Use VBUS symbol from power library 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs b44eadf770 Removed USB connector symbols 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs ffbe92119c Update footprints 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 14a97efeba Corrected path to pd-buddy library 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 1b927964ae Added programming jig PCB 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs cf8efd2bbf Moved PD Buddy Sink KiCad project to new directory 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 00b0336b11 Remove fiducial refs and trace between NC pads 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 03f413bb91 Change part for D2 and D3 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs f8b98d0cfe SOD-323F footprint for D2 and D3 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 189004e3c0 Use new USB Type-C schematic symbol 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 86ea1fea79 Use FUSB302BMPX from standard kicad-library 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs ebd7a62d51 Added _KI_LIB_GIT library path 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 204f04011b Changed R10 to 220 Ω 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 88fcc08878 0.15 mm annular rings 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs f73c3cc47e Added fiducial refs, moved some other refs around 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 43b380ba34 Moved C11 and C12 references 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 629092c5cf Added fiducials to board top 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 7e162fc438 Updated README for v0.3 development 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 7ab375f947 4-layer board with smaller components 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs ecb7328ca1 Changed R9 to 100 kΩ 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 6fecfe1ee3 Changed USB connector to SMD version 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 9e09fead9d Added Amphenol 12401610E4#2A 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 5c7424544c Rename project files to pd-buddy-sink 2 years ago
  Clara Hobbs 25b55c09fb Post-release version bump 2 years ago