PD Buddy Dev schematics and circuit board
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PD Buddy Dev

This is the circuit board for the PD Buddy Dev, a microcontroller development board for projects using USB Power Delivery.

The board is designed for 1 oz copper on all layers. 1.6 mm thickness should be fine.

The PCB is made with KiCad, so you’ll need that if you want to make any changes. Several PCB fabricators accept KiCad PCB files directly now, but if you intend to order from one that does not, you’ll need KiCad to plot the Gerbers.

KiCad 4 supports loading footprint libraries from Git repositories, but its support for doing the same with symbol libraries is lacking. To address this, I added the variable _KI_LIB_GIT. Set this path in the main KiCad window (Preferences > Configure Paths) to point to a local copy of the kicad-library repository to ensure that you’re using the latest schematic libraries.


PD Buddy Dev is Copyright © 2018 Clayton G. Hobbs, and made available under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2. See LICENSE for more information.