• Стабильный v1.0 2e853ba51c

    PD Buddy Sink v1.0

    clara 6 лет назад 7 коммитов master начиная с этого релиза

    The first PCB release considered stable! Very similar to v0.3, this release is optimized for lower cost while retaining all functionality of the previous release.

    • D1, Q1, Q2, and SW2 have all been changed to reduce the board’s cost
    • Many reference designators have been moved closer to their components
    • The board’s dimensions remain the same, including positions of the parts on the bottom

    Due to the last point, the programming jig did not require any changes in this release.

  • Пре-релиз v0.3 26ab7d5a79

    PD Buddy Sink v0.3

    clara 7 лет назад 25 коммитов master начиная с этого релиза

    A PD Buddy Sink designed for automated assembly!

    • Sizes of passives reduced from 0805 to 0402, with a few 0603 passives as well
    • Surface-mount USB connector instead of hybrid (don’t worry, the new connector’s shield still has through-hole pins for mechanical strength)
    • QFN microcontroller instead of QFP
    • Boot switch and programming header moved to bottom of board
    • Board size greatly reduced (48 mm × 26 mm ⇒ 30 mm × 25 mm)
    • Screw hole spacing changed (18 mm ⇒ 17 mm)
    • To accommodate the tighter packing of components, the board now has four layers instead of two

    Additionally, a programming jig has been designed to accommodate programming the Sink without a boot switch or programming header installed. The PCB can be found in the programming-jig directory, and a 3D-printed spacer can be found in the pd-buddy-openscad repository.

  • Пре-релиз v0.2 9d73a75120

    PD Buddy Sink v0.2

    clara 7 лет назад 54 коммитов master начиная с этого релиза

    Finally, a hand-solderable Sink that doesn’t need rework! The output circuit has been fixed, so no cutting traces and point-to-point wiring should be necessary.

    Other changes:

    • D1 is surface-mount, and no longer considered optional
    • P1 extends further off the board edge
    • SW1 and J1 don’t extend off the board edge at all
    • SW1 doesn’t need to be installed for the device to work
    • All the footprints have been updated to the latest KiCAD footprints
    • The high current traces are wider, to the point where making these boards with 1 oz copper isn’t out of the question.

    All the schematic changes have already been tested, so v0.2 should be ready for use. However, this is considered a pre-release because it isn’t really meant to be sent to a PCBA house yet.

  • Пре-релиз v0.1 3d023bfa4d

    PD Buddy v0.1

    clara 7 лет назад 81 коммитов master начиная с этого релиза

    Initial prototype of PD Buddy. There are some pretty serious bugs here, so please don’t spend money to bring more of this version into the world. You’d be much better off using a newer version if you want to make a PD Buddy Sink.